Download of demo-version of Lingus WebLing.

Lingus Webling is a new special version of Lingus working as a plug-in module to your web browser like for instance Real Audio player.  This makes it possible to place a Lingus exercise on a web page, and by clicking the link starting Lingus WebLing and downloading the exercise.

From this page you can download the, which installs Lingus Webling. When this has been done, start Lingus Webling once from the Start menu. A final registration will occur. Then you can start the exercise by clicking the link to the exercise below (from Un Air ...).

When you are testing, please note that the exercise has two parts, one where you are expected to listen and type in the text and one where you are expected to record your own voice. In order to get to the pronunciation exercise, click the button with the bent arrow. In order to start the pronunciation analysis, hold the Alt key and click one of the blue speakers (except the top one).

This is a prototype for testing and requires a password for download. Please contact us if you want to try it.

Program download


This is a Swedish version of WebLing. Localization to Norwegian and German is ready including authorware. The English version is complete as far as the student's part, but the authorware including manuals are still being processed.

Exercises to run after the setup has been run (Click on the happy icon)

Beaucoup de mots from Un Air de la vie française (Ekelunds förlag) French

My name is Charlotte from Stepping Stone (Gleerups förlag) English

Frasbetoning from Så ska det låta (Bilda förlag) Swedish

Luisa e Linda from Primo Corso (Folkuniversitetets förlag) Italian