Vi har nyligen hållit ett föredrag vid en konferens i Datorstödd språkinlärning EuroCALL-2000 i Dundee samt vid den anslutande ISCA-InSTiL2000-konferensen.


Benefits of speech technology in language learning although apparent to many in the field are laborious to prove quantitatively. Benefits from computer-aided language testing and student tracking can more easily be calculated in terms of reduced teacher working-hours and thus money. The Lingus CALL system contains a testing system based on local networks or the Internet. The authoring software integrated in the system is used to design tests of grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, spelling, and pronunciation. The network distributes the tests and administrates students' access. It collects, evaluates, compiles and presents automatically the results. Pronunciation samples can be collected for evaluation of teachers.

Pronunciation samples can be collected for evaluation of teachers. Integrated speech analysis tools such as intonation curve analysis can be used to present the teacher's comments and recommendations to the students.

Analysis of answers also forms a basis for characterization of the student’s ability profile and may reveal for instance dyslexia.

A computerized test facility can be useful as a first screening test when a group of students start on a course to directly identify the under- or overqualified ones and maybe suggest alternative courses of special training programs. During the course the progress of each student can be monitored. This is as great a stimulation to the student as it is an efficient tool for the teacher to give individual support and advice. At the end of the course the system can be used for the final exam under strict conditions. Of course a computerized test will only give a part of the information necessary to judge the student’s total language ability, the final test of communication and total command still being a task for the human examiner.

During the presentation of the paper the authoring software will be demonstrated and a simulated test will be carried out